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NOTE 030 - June 2019 Journal Highlights + Flip Through

I have my June 2019 Journal Highlights + Flip Through for today!
We will start on a sweet note! Strawberry journal spread! I have noticed that I have this thing for fruit themed stationery. So I was so excited for the strawberry themed items in my recent haul! One thing I love about summer is fresh strawberries! So that was the inspiration for this spread.

Sorry about the cat hair. My cat had decided to sleep on my journal lol. /ᐠ。ꞈ。ᐟ\

As you can see from what I wrote, I carved my first linocut stamp! I actually made a video of the process which you can watch here.

I actually made another post with more about this spread. You can read about it & watch my Journal With Me video here.


I found myself very attracted to pastels by the end of June. I would say I'm still in that phase.
I got some pastel blue stickers I wanted to use. I got the inspiration for this spread from MyLifeMits on YouTube. This is the video that inspired me.
Her v…

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