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MAIL 029 - DIY Cheap Happy Mail + How to Get Free Journaling & Happy Mail Supplies

Hello everyone! I have a special blog post today!
For this post I wanted to discuss ways you can get free journaling supplies, happy mail supplies, or craft supplies. Not only that, but ways we can use items that may otherwise be thrown away.
And stick to the end for a happy mail process video, in which I try using materials I had on hand or that are super cheap!
This is something I enjoy a lot! I am so excited, so let's get to it!


This is the most fun and easiest way to get free supplies. It does require a bit of creativity, but it opens up a door for unique supplies.
Of course, what you can make will depend on what is available to you. I love to reuse packaging, papers, receipts, and honestly anything you can get your hands on. Food packaging is very fun. I have seen tutorials for postcards made from cereal boxes, zipper pouches made from candy packaging, and envelopes made from magazines. I think making envelopes is one of the easiest. Catalogs & magazines are perfe…

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